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Research Interests

Dr. Dayoung Kim is broadly interested in topics related to engineering practice (e.g., practices and experiences of, and competencies required for, engineers in various employment settings, such as business organizations (e.g., startup companies) and government agencies), engineering ethics (e.g., social responsibility of engineering professionals and its education), and related policy concerns

Specific topics of interest include:

  • Ethics and Innovation in Engineering

  • Technology and Social Entrepreneurship

  • Engineering Practice

  • Regulation and Policy

  • Workforce Development

The overall purpose of her research is to identify how best to support the innovative and ethical practice of engineering professionals through educational interventions and science & technology policy. This requires a better understanding of engineers' daily practices and the regulatory and policy environment surrounding their work environments. She has utilized quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods approaches to understand what influences engineering professionals’ ethical practice and how to help engineers be better prepared for potential challenges in their workplaces. She has studied practicing engineers' lived experience of ethical engineering practice and their career pathways towards contributing to shaping policy environment their practice is embedded in, by actively working with engineers in various employment sectors.

Research Interest_edited.jpg

Figure 1. Dayoung Kim's engineering education research lies in the intersection between engineering practice, ethics, and policy.

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