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Courses Teaching/Taught

As an Instructor at Virginia Tech

  • ENGE 6614: Quantitative Data Analysis in Engineering Education (Spring 2025)

  • ENGE/MGT/IDS 4094: Startup: Commercialization of Innovation (Spring 2024)

  • ENGE1215: Foundations of Engineering I (Fall 2022, Fall 2023, Fall 2024)

As a Teaching Assistant or Faculty Apprentice at Purdue University

  • ENE687: Mentored Teaching in Engineering (Fall 2020 & Spring 2021)

  • BME595: Ethical Engineering in Medical Devices (Spring 2020)

  • ENE506: Content, Assessment, Pedagogy (Fall 2019)

Teaching Philosophy

Undergraduate engineering education is an important starting point for engineers’ lifelong process of professional socialization. My mission is giving students the tools to be successful in the future as engineering practitioners. I especially seek to help students to be both socially responsible and technically competent. As an engineering education researcher with research expertise in engineering practice and ethics with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in chemical engineering, I am a qualified teacher who can help students achieve their educational goals. To better help students, I especially strive for: 1) actively bringing insights from my research into the classroom to prepare relevant and up-to-date teaching materials, 2) providing quick and constructive feedback to students to facilitate their learning, and 3) respecting my students because I truly believe that every student should feel welcome in my classroom.

In graduate mentoring, I grow with my students. Especially, as an early-career scholar who is just a few years ahead of new graduate students in a career pathway, we mutually learn from each other and grow together. I do believe my students' success is my success.

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